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From Transcontinental journeys to those red-eye flights, sultry slow burns of nomadic lives, born from the depths of the desert - and everything in between, Elysium is your long-haul destination. It is not navigational, there is no map. Your only compass is your curiosity. Propulsive musical scores and conversational exchanges meet here. Night paths are logged and festivals bangers tailgated. Hypnotic travel bugs wander in tribes.


There’s something democratic about nomads flying around the world with weekday layovers. They are almost always lit up and ready to go. Well, almost! Indulge in an intoxicating mix of avant-garde house, techno and other forms of dance music that fall comfortably against the cabin pressure.


Who said cutting loose is just for Friday and Saturday nights? The airspace is aglow in the darkness, your taxi lights are beaming into the black and dotted runways line ahead like a dare. Transit Thursdays are for when the tank is full, the dawn’s far off and time itself seems to stand still until your next flight.


Not your typical TGIF clubbing scene. An upbeat mix of latest house and techno trends, R&B smashes, dance, pop, electronic surprises, shimmering ambience, high heels and higher spirits - this one’s to set records straight. Back to back, hour after hour. No final calls, only business class. Prepare for take off. We’re in for the long haul.


Last Friday night made you feel invincible. But guess what’ll get you feeling even more invincible? A Saturday night party. With that in mind, get ready for a full-throttle urban pop, hip-hop and hallmark R&B that’ll take you long into the night, quicken your pulse right up to thrilling reminders of bloodshot eyes. 


A cozy laid-back brunch followed by a groovy sundowner. Flow into the warm embrace of a Sunday afternoon with sound notes drawn from downtempo, bass, trap, synth-pop, house, soul, ambient and melodic techno. Moods you know, love and hymn. Your ultimate classic no-nonsense chill and crew.


F A Q 

What is Elysium?

Elysium is a Dubai-based events & entertainment venture, focusing exclusively on amusing one of the most exciting yet nomadic professionals in the world - PARTY & NIGHTLIFE CREW! 

What kind of events do you host?

We host exclusive social events throughout the week across different venues in Dubai City including vibrant nightclubs, lounges, and bars, beach and pool parties, chic brunches, and sundowners! Our calendar events include the soon-to-be-launched Elysium Festival - a one of its kind art, music & dance fiesta.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Most of our event venues offer a charismatic and vibrant ambiance best enjoyed with advance reservations. For direct walk-ins, you will still need to RSVP on our website or via whatsapp, unless reservations are closed online.

On all occasions, entry will remain free, for aviators, flight & cabin crew members, Employee ID proof must be presented to enjoy exclusive community benefits and discounts.

Can I bring along friends who are not under reservation?

Yes, definitely! We encourage you to tag along your +1s and party squad, as long as reservations and entry are ensured in your name.


How do I join the Elysium Tribe?

All you have to do is RSVP yourself to one of our events and on verification, you will be automatically signed up as a lifelong member!

What are my benefits as an Elysium Tribe member?

As an Elysium Tribe member, you’ll enjoy exclusive lifelong access to upcoming events, complimentary +1s, special discounts/offers, community networking, media gallery, and surprise giveaways.

Tell me more about the team behind Elysium.

We are a crew of event managers at work, creative artists at ease, and aviation enthusiasts at heart. 

Is my data protected?


Your personal data is not just protected, it is well protected. We make sure we eat the cookies for you, read long-form T&Cs and get fat on privacy policies on your behalf. Our marketing team is not paid to spam you, although sly one-liners and PJs are regrettably excused.


How do I contact you for the good and the bad?


Feel free to reach us at hello@elysiumtribe.com or use the live chat option on your right. Unless we are navigating turbulence, we’ll reach out to you at the earliest.


Party animals ONLY

Dress Code



As per venue T&C